Hello world!

Hello world!


It looks like we are going to make it 🙂

We have a new server build coming up and a complete pruning and wiping of the current servers and archived back ups.

Oh the Joy of Network Migration. Thanks to your support we where able to fund the new server as well as contracting with a top notch sysadmin at a reasonable price. I simply tell them I / we are a small indy / independent press and we are not a business venture.

My most sincere thanks to all those who have donated to us, it made all the difference and you have to know I am telling you that truthfully. We all are so very thankful.

We have dipped in to the war chest and again are asking visitors to consider making a donation of any size to help keep us a free and independent press.

We are doing all we can to keep website interruptions to a minimal.

As for now “Please Stand By” and thank you for visiting as well as your support.

Sincerely from the Admin @ T.W.T.,

John (~Q~)


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Donate to TheWatchTowers - AN INDEPENDENT FREE PRESS.

Donate to TheWatchTowers – AN INDEPENDENT FREE PRESS.